Sunday, August 3, 2008

Where to start?


I have just started some research into developing electronic portfolios for under graduates. This would be to develop a skills and competency profile for students as they study and develop.

Upon completion of their qualification they could use this when searching for jobs and then develop it into a Continuing Professional Development profile.

I am working in the specific skills and competency areas and the evidence requirements for each.

Has anyone any ideas about what the e-portfolio template should look like or any advice on structure and what to avoid? I am currently looking at Helen Barrett's example.

Many thanks


Dan Buckley said...

Hi Jan

Personalisation by Pieces (PbyP) fits the bill for what you are trying to achieve.

More information is on

Sarah Stewart said...

My advice is to keep everything open - give the students complete control and choice.

Look forward to more discussion.

BTW: the other person to talk to about eportfolios is Carolyn McIntosh in midwifery: she is starting to use portfolios with her undergraduates.

Jan said...

Hi Guys ,

I am just resurrecting this blog as it has become more topical and pertinent now

Coach Carole said...

Hi Jan, I agree with Sarah, ownership is the driver for excellence in a portfolio. I love that phrase provided by Dan, 'personalisation by pieces'. Will dig deeper into his website and add to our learnspace for the MOOC.